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About Us

About Us

Collective «SV Property» Welcomes you!

«SV Property» – is a real estate agency with years of experience. Historically, the company was established in Spain. The regulatory framework of the European Union reflected in the work of the juridical relation between partners, increased transparency and trust of customers. The main task of the agency – to provide our customers and partners the highest quality services, with appropriate monetary compensation. The company policy has always had as an objective business development. Increasingly significant resources are directed to the administrative courts, consulting and advertising. We can combine years of experience and knowledge and implement all the best to achieve a high level of service to our customers and partners.

Database includes real estate low cost options such as premium products. Our motto – not to collect several thousand homes. However, we work for you and offer a variety of properties in different coasts of the Kingdom of Spain. Do not forget, without exaggeration, we often work with demanding clients and our employees make personal trips throughout Spain, if the client needs it.

Our company has direct contacts with developers, because modern designs increasingly interested of customers. A employees like to teach new property of the developer. Here it must be noted that the «SV Property» has the advantages in sales of such properties.

About property prices in Spain have to say that for a long time in Spain are very clear rules, so the company management put much effort into promoting the product by the market price. The work of our agency gives great confidence to foreign companies, as national. An example can be the conclusion of contracts with promoters who value our reputation and have their own set of requirements for cooperation.

Company «SV Property» offers legal support: formalize the deed of purchase/sale, receipt of all documents in the Register, and the after-sales services (lease, repair/reconstruction, maintenance and carethe optimization taxes). For the comfort of our customers, we organize study tours (for receiving visa support, airport, hotel accommodation). Our consultants are ready to give details of the conditions for purchase of real estate. The main tool to perform financial conditions – mortgages for the purchase of property or their own funds, which in addition to the mortgage may increase the attractiveness of the purchase.

Especially for business solutions «SV Property» provides assistance in the search for investment projects (hotels, shopping centers, warehouses and industrial buildings). This part of the work requires constant negotiation because these investments often turn into buying a business that needs a new owner.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the company «SV Property» works for you. The Office, an international team, our products, organizational context-all for our customers.

Good luck

Real estate agency «SV Property» – is the best property, professionalism, years of experience and high quality service for every customer